Meet Toby LittleDude, the Adorable Pup That Out-Hipsters Most Humans

The term “hipster” can be applied to more than just humans in skinny jeans. Animals can also embody the subculture, and few do it better than the adorable pup known as Toby LittleDude. This aww-worthy Maltese, who goes by the name Tobes, dons the iconic fashions of a hipster, sporting perfectly-sized versions of thick-rimmed glasses, colorful bow ties, grandpa-style cardigans, and a lot of hats. With his snazzy wardrobe, chances are he could out-hipster most humans.

Of course, the hipster lifestyle isn't just about the sartorial choices. It's also about attitude, which Toby has in spades. Every caption on his Instagram account (@toby_littledude) features a witty quip or cheesy pickup line that accurately conveys the hipster's love of irony in everything they say and do. As you read through Toby's feed, you can almost imagine a canine smirk on his cute, furry face.

Toby Littledude: Instagram | Facebook
via [Hello Giggles]

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