Top 10 Creative Sports Photographers

Photography is a medium that many artists have adopted, but that's not to say that it's an easy practice. Some of the best photographers out there have honed in on their craft, snapping some amazing shots in this fast-paced world and even in the roughest climates. This is especially true of sports photographers. The action doesn't wait for setting up the camera and finding the right light. On top of trying to get a sharp shot of athletes doing what they do best, a sports photographer has got to capture the excitement of these high adrenaline events and, hopefully, add some unique artistic flare.

Today, after much research and consideration, we've rounded up some of the best sports photographers out there that are immersed in the action and know how to churn out some of the most creative shots of the world's greatest sports. Read the full list of Top 10 Creative Sports Photographers over on Intel's My Life Scoop.

Photo credit: Agustin Munoz

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