Electric Blossom: An Ethereal Distortion of Nature

New York-based fashion photographer Torkil Gudnason is known for his ability to blur the line between fashion and art. He believes that editorial work “is a process of attrition: if the image outlives its commercial purpose (and what is fashion if not fleeting) then all that is left, for better or worse, is the art.” Along with his extensive fashion portfolio, the talented photographer also explores personal projects as an outlet from his many commercial assignments.

Born in Denmark, Gudnason is no stranger to long, dark winters, and, as a result, he is fascinated with the barrage of color that comes along with spring. In light of that interest, he developed Electric Blossom, a series which features the beauty of the natural world as seen through his creative lens. Set under extremely unnatural lighting, the photographer transforms an otherwise typical still life shot into an ethereal distortion of nature. He uses artificial studio lighting to produce gradients of neon color that streak across the flower petals in bursts of vibrant energy. Gudnason says, “I translate [the flowers] into my fantasy world,” and, in doing so, he gives new and fantastic life to an ordinary, everyday flower.

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December 4, 2016

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