Totes With a Little Personality (6 pics)

Here's the most fashionable tote bag you've seen in a while. It's a 100% recycled tote, and if you couldn't tell the item that's been recycled is a suit. Its name is “Joe” and it has more class than half the people I know.

The bags come in different types of suits so check out some other ones (like Scott, Nathan and Dexter)

Poketo: “Joe, named after Joe Poketo's dad, is 100% recycled tote with neatly stitched leather handles (also created from recycled leather couches), and a convenient pocket inside to carry many of your daily essentials. You can rest assured that each tote was given personal TLC by an artist who carefully "tailored" the bags, giving the clothing a second chance at life. This rather eccentric and unconventional bag enriches the range of what can be done with recycled material and creates a bold new look with a glance to the past and a strong vision into the future. Another ingenious creation by Korean non-profit design shop, Eco Party Mearry, these bags will turn heads and help our planet in the process.”





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