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“Iron Man Ponders How To Drain Energy From A Vintage Battery”When I see old toys it brings back memories. It does for everyone doesn't it? Theylink back to a certain era and place, situations and emotions. But most of all, it brings out the part of me that wants to just grab that toy and create entire imaginary stories around them. Sean Tubridy obviously does the same.Also known as Tubes on Flickr, he takes polaroid photographs of these really cool toys. And what a great job he did. Everyone who's ever taken a polaroid pic, knows how hard it is to get good colours on them.Plus!…He did exactly what I wanted to see for aaaages. He put a Stormtrooper and a Ceylon together. Hahaaa! Everyone knows a stormtrooper can't aim for $#1+ !I'm sure they didn't mind having these candids taken. Most of these toys are used to all the attention they get. What..with all the movies and TV shows they were in and all.

“These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For”

These two didn't make it onto the silver screen though. They're figures based on R2-D2 and C3P0 sketches. We all know what they evolved into.

“These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For. Oh Wait, Yeah That's Him!”
“This Is Not My Battle Cat”
” *BURP* I Drank Too Much “
“Drinking And Driving”
“Invasion Part 2”
“Where Am I?”
“I Must Be In The Wrong Forest”
“The Big Case”
“What Is It?”
“The Battle Between Boys And Girls”
“There's Something I Need To Tell You Both”
“It's On!”
“Iron Man Finally Figures Out How To Drain Energy From A Vintage Battery”
“Let's Go Bowling”

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