Tragic Circumstances

Husband and wife photography team BJ and Richeille Formento recently took to the road on an epic cross country adventure to document how different women are living during these harsh economic times. Armed with a small budget, they gave themselves one simple plan: 5 months, 25 states and 50 women.

Circumstance is a tragic yet romantic, cinematic portrayal of how women are coping in these depressing times. The project is both ironic and haunting, exploring issues of identity and the transient state of people and places in one moment of their lives.

The New York-based couple embraced the open road, constantly scouting locations, meeting women, and photographing them on that very same day. Although the images are staged, the stories behind them could not be more real, with the “models” and locations often supplying the artists with a place to stay for the night. Living through their work in such a way meant that they were able to capture both the fragile state of the economy and society’s emotional state of uncertainty.

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January 24, 2017

23 Pieces of Jewelry Inspired by Earth’s Natural Wonders

What if you could capture the world’s most mysterious and magnificent natural wonders in the palm of your hand? Well, thanks to a handful of earth-loving artisans and designers—including many of our favorites—you can! Rooted in an admiration for the environment, this quirky collection of nature-inspired jewelry honors the sticks, stones, seas, and stars that comprise our splendid planet.

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January 24, 2017

Creative Dad Turns Son’s Drawings Into Awesome Anime Characters

French animator and anime artist Thomas Romain has recently started collaborating with two unlikely artists: his young sons. Much like their father, the boys love to draw and design characters. To show them the capability of their creativity, Romain often turns their doodles into professional-level concept art. Romain began his unique anime drawings series last month, when he and one of his sons designed and rendered a star-studded alien.

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