Trends in Logo Design 2011

LogoLounge just published their ninth yearly report on the latest trends seen in the design of corporate logos. What trends are they seeing this time? Earthy colors are in, 3D is in, blur is in. What else?

Cutesy art icons that remind us of social networks are a big IN. Since a lot of new companies are in the business of seeking funding having a logo that reminds the venture crowd of Twitter or Facebook is definitely a plus.

Surprisingly, mono-lined drawings are also very popular. These logos share a sense of simplicity. In an overcomplicated world they make us feel that their product is easily approachable.

Being green, or at least appearing to, is a big trend for companies these days. So just as you would expect images of the earth, animals, and earthy colors figure prominently in many new logos.

For all the rest of the trends that are happening in logo designs see the full report here. You can also find a ton of other good info there and you can search their Master Library of over 145,000 logos.

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