Couple Creatively Reveals They’re Having a Baby Boy

Have you ever heard of a gender reveal party? Apparently they're all the rage. At the doctor's appointment where the parents find out if they're having a boy or a girl, the doctor seals the results and a party planner helps reveal the gender in a creative way. Soon-to-be parents find out what gender their baby is going to be at the party, in front of all of their friends. While most reveals involve balloons or a cake, this couple decided to do something quite different.

Enter bubblegum. “Why bubblegum?,” you might ask. Megan and Mike first met when Mike asked Megan for a piece of bubblegum. Ever since that moment, the couple has somehow incorporated bubblegum into their lives. During the party, photographer Jess Millward from Twin Pearl Photography placed blue pieces of gum in each of their mouths. As the couple opened their eyes, they first got to share their private, joyous moment. (They're having a boy!)

Then, they took two jars filled with blue gum and held it behind their backs. When they revealed these jars, the photographer captured the priceless expressions of their family and friends. (Got to love the guy in the black shirt and sunglasses who threw his arms up in the air and then pointed at them.) Of course, the last shot was the perfect ending as a shower of blue bubblegum fell onto the happy couple.

via [The Frosted Petticoat]

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