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You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow … a chance to win this pair of super cool sustainable wooden earbuds from A terrific add-on for that new iPhone 4 or iPad.Click Here for details on how to enter.Why bamboo over plastic?Bamboo is ultra durable, it’s got none of that strange BPA and phthalate stuff, it’s naturally great looking (no paint needed), and it’s the fastest growing woody plant on earth, eager to help eat up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us humans.Sound qualityYou know how many instruments are made out of wood? The best kinds. Violin, viola, cello, bass, drum, xylophones, the list goes on. If it’s good enough for concert performers, it will be great for your summer mix of Lady Gaga and Muse.The deadline for this eco fabulous giveaway is tomorrow, Saturday July 10 at midnight PST. Make sure you’re all signed up!More bamboo awesomeness from

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January 21, 2017

Stunning Photos of Trains Roaring Through Picturesque Landscapes

There’s something romantic about train travel. As you sit and watch the world pass by, it offers a firsthand look at a landscape that’s both intimate and fleeting—truly a moving picture. Many routes take passengers (or cargo) through otherwise desolate lands with adventures along the snow-capped mountains, tall grasslands, and dense forests. Through stunning train photos, photographers pay homage to these journeys. Their awe-inspiring portraits capture the hard-working locomotives among grandiose settings.

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January 20, 2017

Rainbow Labyrinth Light Installation Immerses Visitors in a Technicolor World

Architecture and design firm Brut Deluxe has designed a dazzling light installation for the Luneng Sanya Bay Light and Art Festival in China. This rainbow labyrinth titled Yǔzhòu is an immersive experience that brings visitors inside a technicolor world. Brut Deluxe, which is headed by Ben Busche, focuses their work on everything from ephemeral art installations to industrial design, with an eye toward social and aesthetic qualities.

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