Two Sweet Sons Attending School in Japan

People often ask me how My Modern Met is different than all the other art, design and culture blogs out there. Yes, we're about creative inspiration but more than that, we're about making a deeper connection between the creator (artist, designer or photographer) and the viewer. The relationships we form are real. That's why you'll see us posting about the same person (and their work) as they progress through life..

Hideaki Hamada is one of those photographers shoots what he's most passionate about – his family. He recently gave us a sweet, unfiltered look into growing up in Japan and now he lets us share in his personal experience as he sends his two boys off to school.

In his words…

This spring, my elder son Mina entered preschool.
It's the same school as his brother Haru.
So they go to school, holding hands with each other.
I send them off every day and look forward to seeing them run like this (first picture, above).

Mina seems to enjoy his school life.
Singing songs, learning letters, speaking a lot.
He's not crying as much anymore.

Haru is growing up more and more.
He helps his brother change clothes every morning.
And he says, “You have to get changed! We're late!”.

It makes me so happy to see their growth.
But only at this moment can we have close relations.
Because someday they will mature.
So I wanna spend as much time with them as possible.
Walking, reading picture books, just hugging each other…

And I want to keep taking pictures of them..for their future.

Hideaki Hamada's website and Flickr

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