Two-Faced Portraits Merge to Reveal True Emotions

How many times have you wanted to shout out at the top of your lungs, whether it be from triumph or frustration, only to opt for a subdued grimace or blank stare? Quebec-based photographer Ulric Collette presents a visual interpretation of the faces we make in public coupled with the emotion we're actually feeling inside in his latest series titled Facade.

Collette, who you may remember from his viral hit series Genetic Portraits, uses his expert hand at photo editing to merge two faces of the same person into one image. The result is a a series of three-eyed beings expressing two differing sets of reactions. It's a quick shock at first to see the photographer's deformed subjects' faces but it doesn't take long to recognize what he's trying to convey. Each person has their poker face on, concealing their true inner feelings of excitement, anger, sadness, joy, mischievousness, paranoia, or disgust. The series reflects the dueling public and private personas that just about everyone can attest to.

Ulric Collette website

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