Turkish Olympians and Their Daily Diet

Elif Jale Yesilirmak, Wrestling, 3,000 Calories A Day

With about a month left until the London Olympics officially begin on July 27, 2012, athletes worldwide continue to train hard and push their bodies to the limits. In order to gain the energy and strength needed for the rigorous sort of training these Olympic hopefuls practice, they need to maintain a strict diet. Photographer Umit Bektas gives us some insight on five Turkish Olympians’ daily eating habits.

Athletes keep track of their diet just as carefully as they monitor their physical training. It’s all part of their preparation for the big games. It’s made quite evident through Bektas’s visual documentation that these particular Olympians are very specific about what they eat as well as how much of it they eat. It also puts their training into perspective when you see such tiny figures like track runner Merve Aydin who consumes 3,000 calories a day.

Fatih Avan, Javelin, 3,500 Calories A Day

Nur Tatar, Taekwondo, 1,500 Calories A Day

Merve Aydin, Track, 3,000 Calories A Day

Mete Binay, Weightlifting, 3,500 Calories A Day

via [Amusing Planet, Reuters]

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