Underwater Alien Sculptures – Jason de Caires: UK

I love the creativity and thought behind these underwater sculptures. Instead of trying to create unchanging and lasting works, Jason de Caires encourages the organic growth of coral and other organisms across his creations. The texture, chemical composition and design actively encourage the settlement of embryonic corals. Areas of shelter and void space provide a habitat for creatures to breed and take refuge. Besides the development of hard and soft corals, numerous fish graze on algae that collects on the surfaces. Octopus, shrimp and moray eels have also been seen living under or within the structures. The work is shallow enough to be viewed by snorkeling, diving or from a glass bottom boat. The experience of each visit can be entirely different depending on the prevailing weather conditions and the interaction of marine life. Awesome work Jason! Love your work!

Jason de Caires' website courtesy of don't panic

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