Urban HotSpot – Ace Hotel: NYC (10 photos)

On my recent trip to New York City, I wanted to stay somewhere hip and cool, but somewhere that wasn’t over-the-top cheesy. After doing a bit of research, I decided to stay at Ace Hotel in Manhattan.

Designed by NY-based Roman and Williams, Ace Hotel is improvisational – it’s a mix of materials, styles, and historical periods that comes together in layers. The hotel's design takes its cues from the vibrancy of street life, the honesty of materials, and the potential of invention. It is about soul, latent in the old architecture and re-introduced through the new design.

The twelve-story hotel, built from brick, centers around a fantastically detailed lobby. By layering pieces from several different time periods, Roman and Williams created something that feels entirely new. A variety of vintage seating pieces, mixed with two massive sectional suede sofas (which give off a 70s vibe) provides ample space for lounging and conversation. An 18-foot laboratory table with a slate top provides space for impromptu meetings, meals, and conversation.

While the lobby is layered and historical, the rooms are a little more efficient, but still like a funky small apartment. Custom-designed furnishings include a custom leather sofa that turns into a bed, and a desk that feels like a mid-century wood prototype. An exposed rack made out of bent plumbing pipes replaces a closet and plays the part of historical reminder – a reference to the neighborhood's industrial history.

Overall, I was really pleased with my stay at Ace Hotel. The staff was really friendly and gave me tons of useful recommendations. The rooms were pretty sweet and had everything I needed, including an acoustic guitar, plasma TV, and a full fridge and snack bar that was reasonably priced. If you’ve had a bit to drink and find yourself in the lobby downstairs, I would highly recommend trying the grilled cheese (pic below). It was amazing!

Source: [Archdaily]

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