Urban Street Art – Copyright: UK (10 pics)


I'm really diggin' the street art of UK-based Copyright. His paintings represent ideals from the modern world and culture, portrayed within classic imagery of simple beauty, often depicted by butterflies, flowers and beautiful women.

The girls he paints have a raw realism and seem to tell epic tales through their haunting gaze. Using a mixture of classic painting techniques and spray can art, he creates print styles with stencils, depth with spray paint and texture with a paintbrush. Here are some of my favorite pieces from his portfolio.

copyright-street-art-2 copyright-street-art-3 copyright-street-art-4 copyright-street-art-5 copyright-street-art-6 copyright-street-art-7 copyright-street-art-8 copyright-street-art-9 copyright-street-art-10


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