Urban Street Art – Inkfetish (7 murals)

Some cool street murals from London-based artist Tom Blackford, aka Inkfetish. "Getting into street art was a natural process," he says. "I started out playing around with graffiti in my teens, then in my early 20's, I met people that really inspired me to start realizing my illustrations on a bigger scale."

Blackford about the future of street art: "London is over saturated at the moment," he insists. "Anything painted/pasted in the street is regarded as significant regardless of artistic merit. People are so caught up in the hype of it all right now it doesn't seem to matter. That's just my subjective opinion, though; being creative in any shape or form is always better than sitting on the sofa all day."

Backdrop for Vanity Fair (2007)

Inkfetish's website
via illicit exhibitions

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