Urban Street Art: Unframed by JR (6 pieces)

JR is best known for taking photographs and pasting them on huge structures all over the world. His pieces are often a reflection of the town they're completed in. The world-renowned street artist went in a new direction with his latest project, he titles “Unframed.” Instead of using his own photos, he uses images from other photographers and pastes them out of context. Through this process, he celebrates a melting-pot of cultures and creates wonderful contrasts. All the pieces were completed in Vevey, Switzerland, as part of the Images Festival.

image source: Man Ray (top), John Philips (above)

image source: Sebastio Salgado

image source: Helen Levitt

image source: Sebastio Salgado

image source: Robert Capa Images Festival via unurth, Muse de l'Elyse

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