New "Vadering" Photo Meme Lifts People Up with The Force

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you should be familiar with Darth Vader’s signature stranglehold move. Well, it’s no longer an attack reserved for the movies as the internet has adopted the gravity-defying strike and is incorporating it into a developing meme known as Vadering. It only requires two participants–one nonchalantly extending a hand and the other leaping into the air clutching one’s throat as if he/she is being lifted by “the force.”

Vadering has quickly followed the Japanese schoolgirl craze of recreating a Makankosappo or Kamehameha, also being referred to as Hadoukening (referencing a special attack in Street Fighter) and, like the last meme, this public-generated trend has spread like wildfire through photos posted on Twitter and Instagram. Through the hashtag #Vadering, countless images have emerged playfully depicting anyone from a laid-back guy texting with one hand to an adorable toddler using the Sith Lord’s gravity-defying asphyxiation move.

While the one doing the Vadering can pose in almost any position, there’s a certain technique involved in creating the midair move that most people seem to have mastered. A few key notes: bent knees break the illusion, long hair gives away the motion of jumping, and even though some people seem to be smiling or laughing, it oddly works for the fun meme.

via [Neatorama, reddit]

January 17, 2017

Photographer Uses UV Light to Capture Shimmering Shots of Fluorescent Flowers

Enchanted by the luminous splendor of nature, California-based photographer Craig Burrows captures one-of-a-kind photos of glowing flora. Burrows uses ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence—a fancy term for a photographic process that employs high-intensity ultraviolet light—to produce pictures of plant-life that appears to glow. Shimmering with light and beaming with color, his series of fluorescent flowers conveys the underlying beauty of the natural world. Each floral photo features a single plant bursting with radiant blooms.

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January 16, 2017

Man Saves a 110-Year-Old Piano by Turning It Into a Stunning DIY Desk

Most people see a piano and think that it’s just a musical instrument. Artist and musician Jonathan Miranda Sickmeyer had a different idea when he found an old upright piano on Craigslist. The thing was listed as free—the person posting it wrote that if no one wanted it, the 110-year-old piano was off to the dump. “All the keys were stripped of [their] ivory so I couldn’t salvaged any of it,” Sickmeyer recalled on Bored Panda.

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