Dynamic Cityscapes Painted with Extreme Energy

Born in Laos and now currently based in France, artist Van Tame is a painter inspired by dynamic and energetic city streets like New York and London. Using animated strokes, the artist creates cityscapes that are full of life. Viewers will instantly feel the movement and fast pace of a city dweller, without ever having to step onto a city block.

Van Tame paints on a very large scale with canvases averaging about 4 feet x 3 feet. He uses bright colors and blurred forms which capture the feelings of a place without requiring distinct detail. His bio explains, “His touch is visibly closer to impressionists because [he] does not paint objects, but reflections.” On his website, Van Tame pairs each slideshow of paintings with everyday noises of people talking, engines revving, breaks squeaking, music playing, and car horns honking – a soundtrack to life in the city.

Van Tame’s website
via [Anita Leocadia]

January 18, 2017

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