Unconventional Portraits in Bizarre Worlds

France-based artist Vanessa Dakinsky combines a realistic aesthetic with surreal undertones in her series Fantasmagories and Unportrait. A common technique employed in Dakinsky’s work is producing realistic cores that appear to disintegrate at the edges. There is an intriguing pixelated effect along the contours of the subjects in her paintings that make the viewer question the form’s true existence. The unconventional splatters of color add an interesting element to the otherwise conventional portraits.

In addition to Dakinsky’s artistic outlining approach, she often adds several surrealistic elements to accompany the central figures. There are numerous cases in which the artist has chosen to place unusual headpieces that seem to reflect a world of their own. In other instances, the painter creates an entirely bizarre world with the utmost detail. Below, you can watch a one minute time-lapsed video of Dakinsky painting her highly unusual piece entitled High-fly at the Sunset.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the artist’s work in person, Dakinsky has a solo exhibition coming up at Galerie Susini in Provence, France from February 10th until the 25th.

Vanessa Dakinsky’s website

January 19, 2017

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