Vanity Fair Makes a Compelling Case For Couture (9 photos)

Many could argue that in the current economic climate there is no need for over-excessive fashion like couture. But take one look at these photos and then ask yourself, “Do we really and truly want a world without couture? Are we willing to throw away what we have on top of what has already been lost? Is there no place for the exclusive and the beautiful? For the hysterically indulgent? And the superbly crafted?” In times like these, is couture a bet on the future, on galas, grand entrances, and extravagant gestures?

Valentino Haute Couture

A Gaultier Paris corset and blouse.

Chanel Haute Couture

Dior Haute Couture

Dior Haute Couture

Christian Lacroix Haute Couture

Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

“You have no idea how sensational a couture frock is until you've held one, or worn one, as Emily Blunt does with Victorian insouciance here. The skill in making them, the satisfaction of the stitching, the delicacy of the beading and the lacing, the softness and the stiffness, the fall and the rustle and the silhouette. It is the perfect detachable cosmetic surgery. The ateliers that fabricate these clothes are the repositories of centuries of prestidigious patience and acute, minute observation passed from thimbled, nimble fingertip to fingertip. Couture is a promise to the future from the past: There will be entrances and orchestras again, carriages and candelabra again, parties and seasons again. There will be glamour again. Throughout the history of civilization, doom, doldrums, depression, and disaster have descended to paint the town gray. But they will also recede, leaving little but a shudder. What is left, what abides, is beauty.”

What did you think? Did VF make a compelling case for couture?

Vanity Fair website

Photos by Michael Roberts

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