Stylish Eco-Friendly Villas Renew More Than They Consume

In the city of Kunming located in Southwest China, Vincent Callebaut Architectures has designed 45 stunning villas they call Flavours Orchard. Determined to pioneer an eco-friendly lifestyle, the stylish structures are meant to encourage a close and intimate relationship with the natural environment. The 90,000 square meter site combines both the conveniences of urban living with the beauty that comes from a rural landscape.

Flavours Orchard features three distinct types of villas, entitled mobius, mountain, and shell, whose names refer to the shape and building’s identity. As you might have guessed with mobius, it mimics the one-sided band with an endless ribbon articulated around two patios, one planted and one aqua. The mountain villa was envisioned as a Chinese fan and opens 180 degrees, designed to align and track the sun's path across the sky. The shell is elevated on steel pillars, and boasts an axial wind turbine and breath-taking panoramic views.

The villas are first and foremost energy efficient, and produce more energy from renewable sources than they consume in a given year. Buildings feature large north and south facing windows which capture heat during the day and diffuse it at night. Greywater, or excess water that comes from our showers and sinks, is collected and recycled in lagoons and later applied to agricultural irrigation. They use these systems to do things like manage a food garden and power driverless electric cars. Combining this environmentally conscious way of thinking with a modern design makes Flavours Orchard the best of both worlds.

Vincent Callebaut Architectures website
via [designboom]

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