Virgin America is Rolling Out Wi-Fi On Board Their Planes!

On my quick trip up to San Francisco, I was able to experience first hand, flying on a Virgin American plane. Though my brother did a pretty good job describing all the cool features in a previous post, I just have to add my two cents. Why does Virgin give you a better flying experience? Because from the moment you step on the plane, you feel like you've stepped into a W Hotel. I thought the pink and purple colored lights would be harsh but instead they were pleasant. Their entertainment system, Red, has a slew of snazzy features, their leather chairs are comfortable and their head rest has those sides that flip up so you don't do that embarrassing head nod thing. What Virgin does right is think of the user experience. They shatter your preconceived notions on what airlines have been telling you for years about what flying is suppose to be like. Though their rates are competitive, they could even hike them up a little and still get a loyal following because they're reaching out to a savvy sophisticated traveler, not just some Joe Blow on the street. Now for even better news. Virgin just had their inaugural Aircell GoGo WiFi party flight which means that a bunch of lucky people got to experience wi-fi up in the air! This isn't breaking news because Aircell's offered this on Delta, American and Air Canada but they are claiming to have this service available ON ALL VIRGIN AMERICA FLIGHTS BY APRIL 2009! The GoGo service is $10 for short flights (under 3 hours) and $13 for longer flights (over 3 hours). For those worried that you'll be hearing loud talkers Skyping or iChatting, Aircell intends to block voice and video chat. You can read all about the tech details at Mashable. You go Richard Branson, for making Virgin the best flying experience around!

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