Virtual Grocery Shopping

Astoundingly, in a population of less than 50 million, South Korea has more than 10 million smartphone users. That's one in every five! To cater to this constantly moving, tech-savvy demographic, Tesco Homeplus created a virtual store in Seoul subway stations. It's there where you'll find both virtual displays and merchandise that look exactly as the same as if they were in real stores.

Customers scan the desired product with their smartphone and it then appears in their online cart. Deliveries are arranged to arrive in minutes or hours, rather than days, so the groceries will be in the shopper's kitchen that night.

The success of the program boosted the company's sales by 130% in three months, and their number of registered users went up by 76%. Tesco Homeplus is now the number one online retailer in Korea and the gap between them and E-Mart has narrowed offline.

What a brilliant idea!

via [KoreAm]

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