Tiny Tony Montana Gets Overly Excited at the Sight of Flour

Tumblr artist VSE OK continues to hilariously recreate mini scenes with toys of iconic characters and real-life objects. This time, he features Scarface‘s Tony Montana coming across a package filled with a mysterious “white powder.” The tiny drug lord rips into the sack and proceeds to dunk his whole face into the bleached dust. To his dismay, mini Montana comes to the realization that the presumed drug is actually just flour.

VSE OK's series of images are comedic renditions of the fictional gangster's adventures. The toy's head and parts of his body covered in flour is even reminiscent of the film itself when Montana's own nose and parts of his suit is coated in white powder after snorting a whole pile of cocaine. The artist brilliantly turns the serious scene into a comical re-imagining of a tiny Tony in a big kitchen.

VSE OK on Tumblr

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