Want to Know Some Hot Spots? Introducing UrbanDaddy and the Morgan Hotel Group’s THE LIST.

If you're looking to travel and you want a quick list of some of the hottest places in a big city where do you start? You can throw a forum question up on theMET and get some great answers (ex. San Francisco, New York) and you can check out this new website from UrbanDaddy and the Morgans Hotel Group called, THE LIST. A little about both companies: UrbanDaddy is an exclusive, daily email magazine devoted to keeping you in the know. You have to apply and be accepted but it's not a rigorous process. Rather than bombard you with a million different things each day, they send you one nice email with one nice and useful tip that's specific to your city. The Morgan Hotel group claims to have introduced the "Boutique Hotel" concept, characterized by personalized service and home-away-from-home ambiance in a setting of timeless elegance. Under their umbrella they have everything from the Royalton and Hudson in New York to the Mondrian in LA and the Clift in SF. If you're into finding out what's hip and happening, check out their new website, THE LIST. Sure it highlights the Morgan Hotels but they also have a great list of the very best in restaurants, parties, bars, shopping, services and must-sees. From their website: “Through this new alliance, Morgans Hotel Group and UrbanDaddy will redefine the way guests think about hotel websites. ‘The List' will serve as a digital destination for travelers and locals in search of the best in town….The List' will be updated daily by expert concierges on each property, and give site visitors access to UrbanDaddy's vast, dynamic and up-to-date database of cleverly written news about the latest nightlife, food, fashion and events for each market.” A list you may want to bookmark!

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