We heart it- so much better than FFFFOUND!!!

So, I was trying to get a FFFFound account… but you have to get an invite… which is a huge hassle.So, then I found www.weheartit.comHere is the link to my I Heart it!here is my RSS URL if you want to follow me through my internet journey.You guys should try it… So easy!

What it isWe Heart It is a social bookmarking tool for images and videos.We see many great images on blogs and websites around, and now you can put everything you saw and liked on the same page to look again whenever you want.How it worksJust drag and drop the image below on your bookmarks bar, or right click it and bookmark it, then go explore the web.When you see an image you like, click it and then ‘heart' it. if you see a great video on vimeo or youtube, go to the video's page and click the button and the video will show up at weheartit.Never forget to add tags to what you add, so that other people can find it too. And you can even leave a comment on the entry to be more specific about why you ‘heart' itInternet Explorer users: unfortunately IE doesn't support bookmarklets. We are working on a plugin so you can ‘heart' things. Meanwhile you can join us and use the “i heart too” button under the images if you like them.Who did itWe Heart It was entirely created by Fabio Giolito.More infoYou can learn more on the blog: http://weheartit.tumblr.com/

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