Elaborate Carpets Made of Unconventional Materials

Pasta Carpet 2

Artists Marcia Nolte, Stijn van der Vleuten, and Bob Waardenburg, known as the collective WE MAKE CARPETS, design interesting floor displays that make convincing throw rugs from afar. Upon closer inspection, we can see that their creations are, in fact, an intricately patterned assembly of various unconventional materials–from disposable plastic utensils and cups of coffee to colorful sponges and a variety of chocolates.

The Netherlands-based trio’s “carpets” exhibit a mosaic-like collection of contemporary art alluding to the luxurious possessions of the wealthy. The dichotomy of opulence and ordinary materials presents an interesting criticism about consumerism while remaining lighthearted. If nothing else, they are an assortment of beautifully crafted installations with a keen, artistic eye for design.

Pasta Carpet 2 detail

Pasta Carpet

Pasta Carpet detail

Candy Bar Carpet

Candy Bar Carpet detail

Coffee Carpet

Coffee Carpet detail

Army Carpet

Army Carpet detail

Bottle Carpet

Bottle Carpet detail

Sponge Carpet

Sponge Carpet detail

Disposable Carpet

Disposable Carpet detail

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