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Whimsical Childhood Daydreams


To create such whimsical illustrations, one must have a rich and active imagination. London-based artist and designer Kareena Zerefos is a self-professed daydreamer with an unhealthy obsession with 2B pencils and the lust to escape into a world of make believe. Zerefos has created a set of beautifully fanciful pieces. Within each portrait lies a hint of the famous children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. (Max certainly has some friends who look just like him.)

2-kareena-zerefos-daydream 3-kareena-zerefos-daydream 4-kareena-zerefos-daydream 5-kareena-zerefos-daydream 6-kareena-zerefos-daydream 8-kareena-zerefos-daydream 9-kareena-zerefos-daydream 10-kareena-zerefos-daydream

Kareena Zerefos: Website
via [Juxtapoz]

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