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Whisked Away into a Real-Life Fairy Tale

Meet Luke and Chloe. They're not only amazingly talented photographers, they're also in love. The chemistry that they share is evident through their photography which blends their two different styles to create amazing photographs. Chloe's style is gentle and romantic style while Luke's is cinematic. Their photos are elegant with a hint of fantasy that bring out light and airy feelings. While caught in the middle of an action, the photos never fail to exude peacefulness and tranquility.

We were lucky enough to get in touch with this couple to ask them some more questions. Read that interview, below, while enjoying their beautiful photos.

Can you both please introduce yourselves to our community?

Chloe – I was born in Middlesex, England to quite an artistic family. My Dad is an architect and I have always been surrounded by nature as my mum's a gardener and is always bringing the outside into the home (whether we liked it or not!). I've also had the privilege of seeing a lot of the world with my mum originally being from New Zealand, we've gone back there a few times, visiting many places along the way. It could well have been these experiences that led to my initial interest in wildlife photography around the age of 15.

Luke – I grew up in the suburbs of London and dreamed of being a game designer from a young age. My artistic pursuits have taken me from games to filmmaking and eventually to photography. Games and movies helped me escape from my exceptionally average childhood.

How did you meet? What roles do you each of you play?

Chloe – We met at university in Cambridge where I was studying photography and Luke was studying film. We were instantly inseparable.

Luke's particularly good at getting involved with the online community. I work more behind the scenes, on web design and the business side of things. We're both photographers and come up with our own creative concepts which we then help each other to create. The Curious Wind was a collaborative effort between the two of us. Luke took over a directorial role whereas I handled the more technical aspects.

Luke – I remember having a conversation with Chloe early on about how making films is more difficult than taking photos. In retrospect, I'm not sure if I still agree with that statement.

What inspired you to become photographers?

Chloe – When I first started taking photos I was most inspired by Steve Bloom and wanted to travel the world photographing the wild. That idea still excites me but I have injected more creativity into my work now, focusing on portraiture and storytelling. I feel my photos really took a turn when I started a 365 project. Taking a self portrait everyday pushed me to think creatively about everything in my life and take it all as inspiration, even through miserable or seemingly boring days. Life is art, even the way you brush your teeth!

Luke – To be honest it was more of a natural progression than a moment I can pinpoint, I almost can't even recall how I got here. Chloe introduced me to my first SLR so she can be held accountable for that, but photography was really an extension of my desire to create stories, as I did in film.

What type of photography style most appeals to you?

Chloe – Any photograph that sparks a connection, something that I look at and think, I can relate to that, is a success to me. I can't always pinpoint what it is but it evokes a feeling and causes you to reflect on your own views, provoking discussion. Those are the kind of images I always aspire to create and I think the best way to do that is to follow my gut.

Luke – Honest portraiture. I enjoy artists that put themselves in to their work. I like being able to distinguish different artist's bodies of work, even if they are similar in tone and style.

Who or what are you inspired by?

Chloe – I think we are both most inspired by nature. We love nothing more than walking through fields and woods, exploring somewhere new.

Luke – Agreed. I find that the city life stifles my creativity. Everything moves too quickly. I find peace when I'm among the natural world. I prefer life to unravel at a slower pace. I like time to take everything in.

Chloe – In contrast, I spend a lot of my hours traveling as Luke lives two hours away, so to visit each other we must go through a long mix of public transport. I've always found people watching quite fascinating and that's often another source of inspiration for me. I cut off the noise with music through my headphones and write thoughts and characters, drawing inspiration from the real characters around me, inventing their stories.

Thank you for the interview, Luke and Chloe. Completely enchanted by your work.

Luke and Chloe's Website

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