Detailed Human Sculptures Painted With Bold Stripes of Color

Italian artist Willy Verginer creates distinctly detailed wooden sculptures that are dipped into bright paints. Each piece is carved from a single piece of wood, and features young and old, male and female, and even animals. The final results are a strange mix of natural wood, stripes of bold colors and patterns, and detailed human figures that are incredibly lifelike.

Several of Verginer’s collections feature variations of his signature style. Cecit Voluta involves a group of figures hanging around the dock. Many of them are partially shown, creating the optical illusion of a gallery floor turned into water. In Hoc Signo incorporates a variety of floral designs along the bodies of the blue and white wooden figures. And finally, Disequilibri is the most bizarre, blending people and animals in unusual balancing acts.

The whimsical sculptures are both captivating and eerie at the same time. The intense eyes of each realistic figure seem ready to blink at any moment. If you like these life-like wooden human sculptures, you may also enjoy these realistic wood-chip animals by artist Sergey Bobkov.

Willy Verginer’s website
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January 16, 2017

Rare Ruby Seadragon Is Spotted Alive for the First Time

While a ruby seadragon may sound like a mythical creature taken from the pages of a fairy tale, this incredibly rare animal was spotted in the deep waters of Western Australia for the first time. Recently, researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego and the Western Australian Museum observed two ruby seadragons for 30 minutes using a mini remotely-operated vehicle.

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January 16, 2017

Heavy Snowfall in Kyoto Turns the City Into a Beautiful Winter Wonderland

With temperatures dipping to below zero degrees Celsius, Kyoto experienced its coldest days yet this past weekend. And while it snows occasionally in Japan’s most beautiful of cities, rarely does it stick. Locals and visitors were in for a spectacular treat this weekend, as the low temperatures allowed for a heavier snowfall that blanketed the city’s world famous monuments.

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