The 2012 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

The World Photography Organisation has just recently revealed the 2012 shortlist for its annual Sony World Photography Awards. While there are several returning nominees for this prestigious award, there are numerous newcomers including Irina Werning whose ongoing Back to the Future series is one of my favorites, as of late. The yearly competition accepts entries from all around the world. This year, there were more than 112,000 entries from 171 countries.

With over a dozen categories, ranging from architecture and landscape to portraiture and current affairs, the awards reflect a wide selection of incredible photography. Both on a professional and amateur level, the shots represent a global cultural documentation. In April, all of the shortlisted photographers’ works will be exhibited in a show in London. It is at that time that the winners will also be revealed. In the meantime, the full list of works can be viewed directly from WPO’s website.

First photo by Giovanni Frescura

Photo by Krzysztof Browko

Photo by Paul Strm

Photo by Ricky Alexander

Photo by Alessandro Falco

Photo by Nick Redman

Photo by Laura Pannack

Photo by Natalia Belentsova

Photo by Pansiri Pikunkaew

Photo by Stephen Wilkes

Photo by Irina Werning

Photo by Mattia Vacca

Photo by Cemhan Biricik

Photo by Sanket K

Photo by Kushal Gangopadhyay

World Photography Organisation’s website
via [BBC], [Daily Mail]

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