Wrapping up the trip, heading to Bangkok, craziness awaits.

Ko LantaSitting here in a rainstorm in Krabi waiting for the bus, rain drops the size of my fingernails. Ko Phi Phi (prodnounced Ko P P) was awesome, if just a tad touristy. 500 Baht from our our door in Phuket to the beach at Ko Phi Phi. Didn't get out to the cove from The Beach, but it was awesome nonetheless with water as warm as a bath. After that headed to Lanta. Ko Lanta was amazing, found a great secluded beach just to chill, easy to get to, and just about perfect. No need to even leave the hotel because it had a bar/resto on the sand.

Krabi TownAfter that it was a short bus ride to Krabi Town (about 2.5-3 hours). The town is mad quiet but still a really great place to set up a base to branch out from. Now it's up by bus to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, a lovely 12-13 hour ride. Should be intense. When we get back we'll be putting up photos and vids, so check em out. We'll keep you posted.GT

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