Artist Illustrates Amazingly Detailed Plant-life with Millions of Dots

Sometimes art pieces look effortless, and sometimes it is clear to see the intense time and labour commitment given to a project. Xavier Casalta's floral illustrations most definitely fall into the latter category. Created using a stippling technique, Casalta’s insanely intricate pieces are formed out of millions and millions of tiny dots. Here we have featured images from his collection Flowers & Fruits as well as the elaborate piece, Autumn, which took over 370 hours to complete. 

The young artist’s amazing attention to detail is clearly reflected within his work; the stippling effect creates an illusion of solidity and allows degrees of shadow to emerge from the carefully placed tiny dots. Traditionally the method has been used in biological illustrations for the subtle realism it lends to the subject. Casalta's floral illustrations certainly capture this accuracy, while at the same time maintaining a simplistic and handmade appearance.

Based in France, Casalta studied visual communications before making the switch to pursue a full time career in art. His breathtaking illustrations of flowers, fruits and the occasional pumpkin just get better the closer and longer you look at them.

Xavier Casalta: Website | Behance | Instagram | Facebook
via [Adventures of Yoo], [Colossal]

January 17, 2017

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