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12 Creative Family Portraits

I thought we’d end the week with a collection of creative family portraits. Though the holidays are now officially over (and there’s no more Christmas “photo” cards to be made), you can still take pictures of your family in any number of creative ways.  So figure out a picture idea, grab some photography coupons, and head to the studio to get your family portrait started!

We’ve rounded up 10 ideas that include everything from simply layering your family’s hands to using a small chalkboard as a prop. Our favorite idea is the one above, that just features colorful rain boots in the air. “Part of my sister’s family holiday card for this year,” states Kathy on Flickr. “6 kids and 1 mom.”

For more fun photo ideas check out 13 Creative Photo Ideas Found on Pinterest or 8 Fantastic Photo Ideas You Can Do Right Now.

Above photo credit: Kathy Wolfe

Via: Pinterest


Photo credit: Sarah L.

Photo credit: Justin Van Leeuwen

Photo credit: Kevin N. Murphy

Photo credit: Erik Christian

Photo credit: Lori Andrews

Photo credit: Rolland Andras Flinta

Photo credit: John Hook

Photo credit: Martin Bennett

Photo credit: Jason Lee

Via: Pinterest

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