12 (More) Masters of Visual Storytelling

Joseph Ford

While there may be tons of places where you can see jaw-dropping photo manipulations, I've found that it's harder to find photos that can actually tell a story. These are the ones that grab your attention. They subtly ask you to think about what kind of past led them to this present. Since you all enjoyed our first set of 12 Masters of Visual Storytelling, I decided to create this second set. Enjoy! Scheffold Vizner

“The Impossible Dream”[Link] La Souris sur le Gateau

[Link] Carioca

[Link] Romain Laurent

[Link] Anthony Hibbert

[Link] Guillermo Vega

“Boning” [Link] Jim Lind

City of Exile [Link] Tom Nagy

[Link] Dave Hill

[Link] Lyndon Wade

[Link] Glen Wexler Studio


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