15 Beautiful Modern Love Moments (Part II)

Jennifer & Matt by Zoom Photography – Lauri Levenfeld

In compiling this list second list of 15 beautiful modern love moments I got to thinking about what modern love really means. What's new and fresh about these photos that set them apart from the rest? Perhaps it's like what Michael Kors said during Project Runway's All-Star Challenge. There's “a wink” involved. A wonderful twist on tradition, an expected setting, a daring choice of accessories. So here's to the couples, who'd rather show their personality through their funny socks or yellow balloons than through their passionate kisses. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us.

Jennifer and James by Gloria Wong

Kaelie and Drew by SimplyBloom Photography

Danielle and Tommy by Boutwell Studios

Josie and Adam by Bella Grace Studios

Nellie and Nick by Moley Photography

Rosie and Joe by Bonnie Tsang

Carrie and Jay by Jessica Claire

Alysson and David by Daniel Krieger

Jacqueline and Daniel by Jessica Purvis

Vivian and Sean by Caroline Tran

By One Love Photo

Paul & Cassie by Jonas Peterson

By Josephine Sicad

How could this set be complete without the best modern love moment of all? I know you've seen it a gajillion times but you know it never gets old..

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