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19 Amazing Paintings, Not Photos


One of my favorite things I like to do on this site is share the work of amazing artists. These seven artists were chosen because each has the ability to create paintings so realistic they look like pictures. These mind-blowing, hyper-realistic scenes are made by using nothing but oil-based paints on linen or canvas. Though some critics may discount their artistic ability, saying that creating paintings from photos isn't “true art,” I happen to disagree. As Louis K Meisel describes, photorealism must be “tight and precise, often with an emphasis on imagery that requires a high level of technical prowess and virtuosity to simulate.”

From Eric Zener's amazing underwater scenes to Doug Bloodworth's incredible pop art, I hope you enjoy this wonderful collection of my favorite photorealistic paintings.

Paul Roberts

2-hyper-realistic-photos 3-hyper-realistic-photos

Roberto Bernardi


Doug Bloodworth

7-hyper-realistic-photos 8-hyper-realistic-photos 9-hyper-realistic-photos

Eric Zener

11-hyper-realistic-photos 12-hyper-realistic-photos

Alyssa Monks


Gregory Thielker

16-hyper-realistic-photos 17-hyper-realistic-photos

Diego Gravinese


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