Funny Finalists of the 2024 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Comedy Pet Photo Award Finalists

“It's fu cold” by © Tammo Zelle / Comedy Pets
“Our dog had a lot of fun in the snow, but unfortunately ice crystals always stick to his paws.”

Most pet owners will tell you how silly their animals can be. Now, thanks to the Comedy Pet Photography Awards, everyone can enjoy the humor that these animal companions bring to their families' lives. The contest has just revealed the top 30 finalists, and the results are as amusing as you can imagine.

The photos tell the stories of these funny pets, from acrobatic canines to cats stuck in unusual places. The shortlisted photos were selected not only for their comedic value but also for their technical quality. The funny pet photo competition was created by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam to celebrate the positive and vital role that pets have in our lives and to encourage engagement around animal welfare. 

All 30 finalists will be under heavy scrutiny by the expert judging panel, which includes professional photographers, conservationists, animal lovers, and former competition winner Elke Vogelsang. The public will also have their say thanks to the People's Choice Award. You have until June 2 to vote for your favorite and be entered into a draw to win a £100 cash prize.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite finalists, and stay tuned for the winner's announcement, which is set for early June.

Here are some of the finalists of the 2024 Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

Cat butt sticking out of a crack in the wall

“Cat in a trap. Like Super Mario” by © Kenichi Morinaga / Comedy Pets
“Cat in a trap it looks like video game Super Mario world.”

“Not just for cats” by © Sarah Haskell / Comedy Pets
“Hector saw the cat do it…so thought he would give it a try ….and this is about as far as he got before reversing out the way he came. But the cat made it look so easy……”

Potrait of a donkey

“Tired Donkey” by © Charlotte Kitchen / Comedy Pets
“After sprinting around with Noah and completing some training, Benji was exhausted almost wanting an afternoon nap!”

Hamster pressing against the glass of its cage

“Sun lover” by © Alina Vogel / Comedy Pets
“This is Freddie, he was my first Hamster and probably the most photogenic ever. Freddie died recently and that's the last honor I want to pay my little friend.”

Comedy Pet Photo Award Finalists

“It's time to get up” by © Lock Lui / Comedy Pets
“Every morning, my dog wakes me up by lying on my chest until I open my eyes”

Cat jumping up to bite on a cord

“Tarzan” by © Kazutoshi Ono / Comedy Pets
“It's like being in the jungle.”

Dog jumping

“Dancing Queen” by © Vera Faupel. / Comedy Pets
“What can I say. This dog loves to jump! Pepper the pointer.”

All of the finalists are eligible to win the People's Choice Award, which is open for voting until June 2.

Cute dog portrait with hair in front of its eyes

“Peekaboo” by © Bernard Sim / Comedy Pets
“Look ma, no eyes!”

Comedy Pet Photo Award Finalists

“Curls in the Wind” by © Julia Illig / Comedy Pets
“Good looking curly couple having a good time at the windy beach.”

Portrait of dog and owner

“The proud pup and his best friend” by © Darya Zelentsova / Comedy Pets
“Ludo von Lickenface, the sweetest 16-year-old rescue pup, strikes a pose alongside his beloved guardian, David.”

Cat resting in a pan on the stove

“Kitty in the kitchen” by © Atsuyuki Ohshima / Comedy Pets
“He stayed at there as if one of a kitchen tool.”

White dog leaping out of the snow to catch a snowball

“Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting” by © Sylvia Michel / Comedy Pets
“I made this picture in Toggenburg.I threw a few snowballs and my dog jumped after them with great enthusiasm. That's how this picture came about.”

Gelding leaping off the ground

“I think I saw a mouse” by © Debby Thomas / Comedy Pets
“This beautiful and athletic gelding loves to try to fly off the ground! This is one of the series of leaps he performs.”

Funny Picture of a Yorkie

“Grumpy Dog” by © Luiza Ribeiro / Comedy Pets
“Meet Nick Barry, a 5-year-old yorkie with a special talent for hilarius expressions. This may not be his most flattering photo, but that frown is undeniably captivating – a true portrait of a dog who doesn't need smiles to win our hearts.”

Turtle eating snapdragons

“New Rose” by © Jonathan Casey / Comedy Pets
“Edgar loves to eat flowers, and her favorites are dandelions for spring, snapdragons for summer and here she can be seen gobbling as whole Gertrude Jekyll rose last September. We grow them for her and as she is elderly we handfeed her, sometimes snapping her in between bites as you can see…”

Cockapoo looking for a bubble in the wrong direction

“It's behind you” by © Philippa Huber / Comedy Pets
“Shelby, my sister's Cockapoo, absolutely loves chasing bubbles…she doesn't always get their location right, but she still jumps all over the place for them!”

Small brown poodle jumping

“I believe I can fly” by © Julie Smith / Comedy Pets
“Flying poodle.”

Comedy Pet Photo Award Finalists

“Peek a boo” by © Sylvia Michel / Comedy Pets
“I took this great picture in deep snow in Grindelwald. My dog Raasta, spontaneously hid so that only his ears were sticking out of the snow.”

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My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

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