A Laptop Bag With Style: Hipslip

Who isn't looking for a fun and fashionable way to transport your laptop around? Sure you have that hefty backpack or briefcase for those major treks through the airport but what if you just want to grab your Macbook and go? Jessica Claire, one of my favorite photographers, has an answer. She's developed Hipslip, a laptop bag with removable covers. As Jessica states, “Our quest to save the creative world from lame laptop covers is on! If you're like me, you probably don't have a desk job–or maybe you do–but who really wants to look like a desk dweller? Starting Saturday, our creative peeps will be able to give boring the slip and rock some laptop style.” Hipslip's holding power: – It's got plenty of space for power cords, an extra mouse and cables – It holds long magazines, legal pads and other stuff. – The silver mesh air pocket let's you see small stuff, and they won't slide around and scratch your laptop's titanium. – Removable shoulder strap. Work it your way: Go hands free or geek chic with your notebook sleeve – Every Hip Slip pre-order will come with a free White “Pointed” True Color Cover designed as the signature cover for the Hip Slip. – Comes in sizes to accommodate the 15-inch and 17inch from Mac – All cases come with a pocket sized to fit the new MACBOOK AIR. Check out all the fun and funky removable covers. You'll be able to change it up every day! As you can tell by the pictures on her blog, Jessica's got an amazing sense of style. I've fallen in love with so many of her covers, I've bought five for her camera bag, Shootsac. I can't wait to use them with the Hipslip. Buy your Hipslip from now till Wednesday night for the trade show price of $99. All pre-orders will ship in the middle of April.

Check out her Shootsac blog for more details.

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