A Transforming Popcorn Bag

If you love microwave popcorn but hate the bag, here's something for you. In 2008 Anni Nyknen won four awards for this popcorn concept bowl. Basically, it's a popcorn bag that transforms into a four-legged bowl. You won't have to stick your hands into a greasy bag or transfer your popped popcorn to a new bowl!

Here's what some people had to say:

“Beautiful sculptural concept! what is so great about this is the designer has taken something so mundane and lacking innovation and has reinvented it as an object of beauty that one could even serve straight out of the package.” – Yael Miller / Creative Director

“Currently a concept, don't you think it's a better, more convenient replacement for those fugly popcorn bags? Even if we never see it branded with Pop Weaver and Jolly Time, it can be sold on its own as a hip alternative to those discouraged by the health concerns related to microwave popcorn pouches (i.e. the bags' PFOA content, which has been found to be a carcinogenic among lab animals).

“I think the Pop-Up Popcorn Container is the future of popcorn. Just throw the kernels in, add a little oil and get your popcorns exploding inside its stylish frame. If not, it at least looks like good paper Origami.” – regards, playmedesign

Let's hope that this is the future of popcorn bags!


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