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Beautifully Surreal Photo Manipulations of Nature by Adrian Borda

Through his colorful images, Romanian artist and photographer Adrian Borda highlights the beauty and splendor found in the natural world – but with a twist. The breathtaking landscape scenes are part of Borda’s on-going series of photo manipulations, and he combines elements from separate pictures to create something that we’ve never seen before.

Grandiose scenes featuring forests, mountains, and silhouetted birds are common in the photographer’s work. They’re often in the presence of Borda’s brilliant lighting that casts places in vibrant oranges, purples, greens, and reds. Surrealism also plays a large part in his gorgeous images. A bevy of birds carries a woman into the sky while a picturesque stream roars through a crumbling, ornate building. Borda’s master manipulations make us to want to take a journey into these fantastical lands.

Adrian Borda 500px page
Adrian Borda Deviant Art page
via [2PHOTO.ru]

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