Surreal Images Filled with Childhood Fantasies by Alastair Magnaldo

France-based creative Alastair Magnaldo, whose work we first shared four years ago, combines and manipulates multiple photographs to create lovely storybook images filled with childhood fantasy and dreams. In these sweetly surreal worlds, innocent figures explore magical landscapes that come to life with strange motifs like infinite ladders, moons and stars suspended in the sky, birds swinging from a mobile, and friendly animal companions hidden behind curtains.

As carefree as the images appears, they are nonetheless the product of considerable work and time. Magnaldo initially sketches out his concepts, then carefully scans the different elements, spends over six hours digitally editing and combining the photos, and finally prints the resulting image. He sometimes waits for months or even years to capture the right scene or component; thus, he considers himself an “image collector” more than an artist or a photographer.

Magnaldo, who is a father of three, is inspired by the simple joy and spontaneity of children. “Look at all of these children, pulling, pushing, running, contemplating. Children have an exceptional ability to ‘waste their time' just as I do in my photos,” says the photographer. “The faux-naivety of children and their freshness allows us to make-believe, just for a moment.”

Prints and art books of Magnaldo's images are available for purchase on YellowKorner Gallery's website.

Alastair Magnaldo's website
Alastair Magnaldo on YellowKorner Gallery's website

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