All You Need is Love, Love…Love is All You Need. (15 Photos)

Credit: Kelly Moore Photography
What's the common thread throughout this post? The easy answer is that each couple shares a kiss. But more than that, the photographer has captured a beautiful moment between two people that can only be described as magical. Its like the world disappeared around them and the only thing that mattered was their love. So here's to love..because love is all you need.

(And because this post wouldn't be the same without song from the movie Love Actually, if you are so inclined, please play it first before you scroll down.)

Credit: Jenny Jimenez

Credit: Bonnie Tsang

Credit: Jose Villa

Credit: David McNeil

Credit: Ashley Garmon

Credit: Our Labor of Love

Credit: Jill Thomas

Credit: Our Labor Of Love

Credit: Amanda @ Love Me Do Photography

Credit: Marianne Wilson

Credit: cinco de kiddo

Credit: Miller + Miller Photography

Credit: Cheyenne Schultz Photography

Credit: Kenny Goh for Axioo

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