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Adorable Dog Costume Turns Loveable Canines Into Menacing Triceratops

It’s no secret that our pets often feel fiercer than they really are. Whether a pooch is growling at an insect, barking menacingly at an inanimate object, or raising its hair at an innocuous delivery person, it’s easy to tell that our loveable dogs would like to think they’re intimidating. In that vein, a new costume by Animal Planet lets pets channel their inner Jurassic Park, turning doting canines into formidable dinosaurs.

The adorable triceratops headdress sells for less than $10 on Amazon. It’s the perfect way to dress your dog up for Halloween or to just have a little fun around the house. Imagine unleashing your growling triceratops at the dog park and watching the other dogs bow submissively – or more realistically, unleashing a flood of “ohhs” and “awws” from fellow dog lovers.

Animal Planet’s Amazon page
via [Laughing Squid]

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