Soulful Portraits of Dogs Capture Their Unique Personalities Enjoying the Colorful Beauty of Autumn


Austrian photographer Anne Geier has the ability to capture not only the outer beauty of dogs, but also the expressive wisdom, curiosity, playfulness, and tranquility that lies deep inside. Using the enchanting Austrian landscapes and natural changing of the seasons as her backdrop, her canine subjects continue to shine with power, strength, friendship, and grace. Some of her best work is done in autumn, due to the sensorial details given to each picture. See the effervescent leaves. Feel the crisp breeze and the golden sun radiating downwards. Hear the crunch of leaves between paws.

In an interview with Bored Panda, she explains, “The main reason why my photos are that colorful is that I am always careful about the light conditions. During sunny days I only take photos in the early morning hours or at the evening. Only at this time the light is gentle enough to create such intense colors. I love taking photographs on cloudy days without any sun and I love to use back-light.” She is also careful to draw inspiration not only from the environment, but from the dogs themselves because, she says, “Each dog has their own personality. Some of them are ridiculous, others are more concentrated.” Through the soulful portraits of each dog, Geier produces the embodiment of the fall season.




Geier was inspired to pursue portraiture when she got her first beloved dog, Cindy. She wanted to create memories that would last forever. When Cindy passed away this last August, Geier shares, “Losing her left a big emptiness inside me. I miss her every day and now I appreciate it more than ever that I have made so many different pictures of her.” Now, she can give her talent to other people with dogs they want to remember eternally.

For Geier, the most challenging part of dog portraiture is not getting the dog's attention (though she does use toys, treats, or funny noises to help calm them). Instead, her goal is to capture “the real character and soul of the dog to create a living photo.” She does this best by getting involved with the dog during the photo shoot. She recommends shooting at a dog's eye level because “it helps the dog's stance appear more natural and gives a different view to what we usually see.” Geier's entire portfolio is meant to change our perspective and the way we look at and experience the world, the natural environment, and man's best friend.












Geier also captures the beauty of a peaceful snowfall…



Budding magenta meadows in spring…





…and the warm summer sea breeze.


Anne Geier: Website | Facebook | 500px
via [Pulptastic, Bored Panda]

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