April Fool’s!: San Francisco Museum’s New Mind-Bending Staircase

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) just unveiled plans for their new grand staircase but…wait a minute. Where are visitors suppose to walk down to on the left side? And, how exactly is this thing held up? In this funny April Fool's Day joke, the museum put up this image of a MC Escher-esque staircase on their Facebook page with the caption:

“JUST ANNOUNCED: this morning an SFMOMA spokesperson revealed updated plans for our new grand stair that will greet visitors when we reopen! Our new staircase will create an entirely unique visitor experience, taking us in all new directions where the laws of gravity no longer apply!

“SFMOMA is one mind-bending step closer to reopening! Learn more ? sfmoma.me/1kl5R

Make sure to click on the link to find out more!

The SFMOMA is currently going through an expansion with the architecture firm Snhetta which will more than double the museum's space to 235,000-square-feet. Construction began in the summer 2013 and will be completed in the spring of 2016. The original staircase will be replaced by a new one which will ease visitor flow while preserving the overall character of the atrium as an open plaza.

Well done, SFMOMA! You almost had us.

SFMOMA's website and Facebook page

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