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Welded Steel Sculptures Look Different from Various Angles

Through his emotive metal sculptures, Hungarian sculptor Aron Majoros explores human equilibrium both physical and emotional. One female figure stands tiptoe on the edge of a thin vertical sheet, evoking an intense feeling in the viewer, and prompting the physical uneasiness of vertigo.

The fragmented sculptures are meticulously welded together piece by piece. Both of the life-size standing figures are composed of hundreds of circles only a few centimeters in diameter. While they look solid from the front, when viewed from any other angle, you'll see that Aron's figures are half-formed. Dr. Lszl Beke, a Hungarian art historian and professor addresses this contradictory feature of Aron's work stating, “Minimum mass is combined with maximum emptiness.” With very little material, Aron is able to convey the full form of the human figure.

Aron Majoros' website
via [doloresdepalabra]

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