Artist Brings Joy to Restaurant Employee by Drawing His Portrait on a Receipt

A thoughtful interaction brought the biggest smile to this employee’s face. Artist Akash Selvarasu‘s viral video tells the story of a restaurant worker doing his daily tasks. He is filmed walking around, checking on customers, and cleaning up any items to discard in the trash. The frame quickly flashes to a receipt folder, that opens to the first markings of an intricate ink portrait.

The artist begins to pen an image of the worker with blue and red pen on the reverse side of a receipt. Selvarasu's portrait is rich in detail, from the folds of the man's collared shirt to his facial hair to the logo on the right breast of his top. Thoughtfully crafted, this image seems like it leaps right off the page.

After completing the composition, the sketch artist hands the receipt to the worker. Turning over the small piece of paper, the illustrator reveals his work of art. The employee instantly breaks out into a smile that radiates happiness.

The pure joy that exudes from this man’s heart dances like a twinkle in his eyes. He then interacts with a coworker to admire the portrait. They glance at the receipt, smile, and exchange a laugh as they soak in this joyful moment. This simple sketch is a thoughtful act that makes an average day much more special.

Selvarasu's Instagram and YouTube are filled with similar interactions, as the artist uses his skill to brighten up the day of strangers. From an office worker to a girl riding on a train, it's incredible to see how Selvarasu easily captures their essence in his simple pen drawings.

Moments like these restore the heart with cheerfulness, challenging viewers to find simple ways to brighten someone else’s day.

Artist Akash Selvarasu is known for drawing portraits of strangers.

He then surprises them, bringing a bit of joy to their day.

Akash Selvarasu: Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [reddit]

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