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Gravity-Defying Superhero Shelves Are Here to Hold Up Your Books

Superhero Bookshelves by Atori Design

Books and superheroes are always a winning duo. If you’re a fan of both, you’ve probably already picked up a pair of Artori Design‘s superhero bookends. Now, the studio is back with a sequel to these creative bookends: a spectacular series of superhero shelves.

Like their bookend counterparts, these shelves pack a powerful punch. Though each one functions as a normal bookshelf, they also come equipped with a bit of magic, as they appear to be held up by a couple of superheroes. Though rendered as simple silhouettes, these crime-fighting figures are undoubtedly inspired by Superman and Wonder Woman, making them perfect as a pair or on their own.

Wondering how these gravity-defying products work? Fortunately, you don’t need superpowers to install them! Using screws, attach each metal shelf to the wall. Then, slide a soft-cover book onto the platform and secure the magnetic figure to its back cover. Finally, add more books to mask the fact that it’s joined to the wall, and presto! Your shelves are ready for action.

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These clever superhero shelves by Artori Design appear to defy gravity.

Superman Shelf


Wonder Woman Shelf


Masked magnets make it look like your books are supported by caped crusaders.

Wonder Woman ShelfWonder Woman ShelfWonder Woman ShelfWonder Woman Shelf

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Superhero Bookshelves by Atori DesignArtori Design: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

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